Accurate block-by-block 
parking availability information.

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Predictive and real-time on-street parking data

Our algorithms take in everything from historical crowdsourced data, to updates that are occurring at this very moment. In addition, GIS land-use information, parking restrictions, meters data, sensors, holidays, and local events all come into play. ParkoData is capable of providing parking availability information for any hour of the day.

Unparalleled Coverage 

The widest coverage that extends way beyond just the downtown within each city, and across the fastest growing list of cities in Europe and the United States. 

Easy-to-Integrate API 

Easily integrates via standard data formats with mobile apps, PND's and In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) systems. 

Parking Rates
and Restrictions

We're working to make available the largest resource of on-street parking regulations and pricing information in all the cities that we cover.